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Unit of Plant Molecular Cell Biology

Head of Unit
Prof. Dr. Ralph Panstruga
Institute for Biology I
Unit of Plant Molecular Cell Biology
Worringerweg 1
52056 Aachen
Tel. +49 (0)241 80 26655
Fax +49 (0)241 80 22637
e-mail: panstruga@bio1.rwth-aachen.de

Building (5)42A, room 211 (map) (directions)

Office hours (student issues):
Thursdays 14:00 h-15:00 h

Office hours secretariat (Ms. Katrin Wysgol):
Monday, Thursday 7:30 h-10:30 h
Tuesday, Wednesday 11:15-14:30
Friday 11:15-13:30
Tel. + 49 (0)241 80 26633


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Latest publications:

Panstruga R. and Kuhn H.
Mutual interplay between phytopathogenic powdery mildew
fungi and other microorganisms.
Molecular Plant Pathology (in press)

Lammertz M., Kuhn H., Pfeilmeier S., Malone J., Zipfel C.,
Kwaaitaal M., Lin N.-C., Kvitko B. H. and Panstruga R.
Widely-conserved attenuation of plant MAMP-induced
calcium influx by bacteria depends on multiple virulence
factors and may involve desensitization of host pattern
recognition receptors.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (in press).

Frantzeskakis L., Kusch S. and Panstruga R.
The need for speed: from one to many speeds of genome
evolution in filamentous phytopathogens.
Molecular Plant Pathology 20: 3-7 (2019).

Kusch S., Frantzeskakis L., Thieron H. and
Panstruga R.

Small RNAs from cereal powdery mildew pathogens may
target host plant genes.
Fungal Biology 122: 1050-1063 (2018).

Sabelleck B. and Panstruga R.
Novel jack-in-the-box effector of the barley powdery mildew
Journal of Experimental Botany 69: 3511-3514

Frantzeskakis L., Kracher B., Kusch S., Yoshikawa-
Maekawa M., Bauer S., Pedersen C., Spanu P. D.,
Maekawa T., Schulze-Lefert P. and
Panstruga R.
Signatures of host specialization and a recent transposable
element burst in the dynamic one-speed genome of the
fungal barley powdery mildew pathogen.
BMC Genomics 19: 381 (2018)

Cui F., Wu H., Safronov O., Zhang P., Kumar R.,
Kollist H., Salojärvi J., Panstruga R. and Overmeyer, K.
Arabidopsis MLO2 is a negative regulator of sensitivity to
extracellular reactive oxygen species.
Plant Cell and Environment 41: 782-796 (2018)

Thordal-Christensen H., Birch P. R. J., Spanu P. D.,
Panstruga R. 
Why did filamentous plant pathogens evolve the potential to
secrete hundreds of effectors to enable disease?
Molecular Plant Pathology 19: 781-785 (2018).

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