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August 15th 2018Stefan Kusch returns as a post-doc to the lab
August 1st 2018Hannah Thieron starts as a PhD student in the lab
July 13th 2018
Katrin Wysgol passes the final examination of her trainee program as a secretary and receives her certificate
June 22th 2018
"Night of the professors" - Being DJ in the "Apollo"
June 8th 2018
PhD exam Hongpo Wu
March 29th 2018
Farewell Lamprinos Frantzeskakis (and Daan Weits)
February 9th 2018
20th New Phytologist workshop/SPP1819 workshop "Molecular mechanisms underlying the rapid evolution of plant-microbe interactions" (Kasteel Bloemendal, Vaals, The Netherlands)
March 2018Florian Kümmel joins the lab as a Bachelor student
February 8th 2018
Carneval 2018
January 2018Mirna Barsoum joins the lab as a post-doc
November 17th 2017
Winner "Teaching award" 2017
June 7th 2017
Lab outing 2017 (labyrinth at the border triangle)
June 1st 2017Björn Sabelleck receives a poster prize at the 12th European Foundation for Plant Pathology/10th French Society for Plant Pathology (EFPP/SFP) conference in Dunkerque-Malo-les-Bains (France)
May 2017
Research Topic "Biotrophic Plant-Microbe Interactions" qualifies as finalist (Top 10) in the Frontiers in Plant Science "Spotlight Award 2017" under the title "How microbes affect plant life" - see also the respective Youtube movie
April 28th 2017
Farewell Stefan Kusch
April 7th 2017
DURES-Trit consortium meeting in Aachen
March 2017Jan Engel, Barbara Nöthen, Tobias Spiegl and Marc Tiefes join the lab as Bachelor students
February 23rd 2017
Carneval 2017
January 21st 2017
Wall painting in Katrin´s new appartment
January 1st 2017
Happy New Year!
December 14th 2016
PhD exam Stefan Kusch
December 13th 2016
Xmas party 2016
October 28th 2016
PhD exam Meltem Cavdar
October 18th 2016

Oktoberfest 2016
October 5th  2016   
Lab outing ("Sommerbobbahn")
October 2nd 2016
Marathon finisher Stefan and Hannah
September 2016
Article in RWTH Insight 2/2016
September 2016
RWTH press release concerning wheat mlo mutants (photo: Peter Winandy)
 July 14th 2016

Lousberg run
July 11th 2016

Cold room cleaning
June 2016Lamprinos Frantzeskakis joins the lab as a post-doc
May 2016Katrin Gruner joins the lab as a post-doc
May 2016Stefan Kusch receives a travel fellowship from the Society for Experimental Botany to attend the IS-MPMI congress in Portland
May 2016Meltem Cavdar receives a Ko Shimamoto Travel Award to attend the IS-MPMI congress in Portland
March 2016Steven Dreischoff and Sandro Capellmann join the lab as Bachelor students
February 3rd 2016
Newspaper article (Aachener Nachrichten) about RWTH Aachen Highly Cited Researchers
December 2015Ralph Panstruga has been selected as a Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science
Highly Cited Researcher 2015
October 2nd 2015

Visit at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge (with Pietro Spanu - celebrating a powdery mildew outbreak in the greenhouse)
August 2015Katarzyna Drwiega and Aleksandra Patryjak from the University of Rzeszow (Poland) arrive for a 3-month ERASMUS internship in our lab
February/March 2015Matthias Freh, Meike Lauts, Sarah Josenhans, David Spencer, Susanne Thierry and Pascal Winkler join the lab as Bachelor students
February 2015
Hannah Kuhn
takes over a 8-month interim leadership of the group of Silke Robatzek at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich (U.K.) 
November 2014
X-mas party (ice skating)
November 2014Björn Sabelleck receives funding from the SUSTAIN COST Action to attend the workshop on experimental approaches for the investigation of effector function from 10-12 February 2015 in Tel Aviv (Israel)
October 1st 2014

Oktoberfest 2014
September 2014
Most cited paper in Biochemical Journal (Plant Knowledge Environment) -
see also Facebook page here
August 2014
Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher 2014  (photo: Peter Winandy)
August 4th 2014Dr. Mark Kwaaitaal joins the team as a post-doc
August 4th 2014Helen Pennington from the group of Pietro Spanu (Imperial College London) arrives for a four month internship in our lab
July 10th 2014
IS-MPMI congress in Rhodes
(together with BioIII members - Germany just won 7:1 against Brazil in the FIFA world cup)
July 2014Dr. Hannah Kuhn receives a poster award at the New Phytologist symposium "Next generation scientists" at the  John Innes Centre in Norwich/U.K.
June 2014Dr. Johanna Acevedo Garcia receives a poster award at the conference "Current Findings in Plant Pathology" at the Fraunhofer Institute IME in Aachen
June 2014Meltem Cavdar receives funding from the DAAD to attend the IS-MPMI congress in Rhodes
June 27th 2014
"Night of the professors" - Being DJ in the "Apollo"
June 12th 2014

Lab outing at the "Klettergarten" in Aachen
March 24th-28th 2014Stefan Kusch receives funding from the SUSTAIN COST Action to attend the 1st TALEN and CRISPR Training School in Halle (Germany)
February 2014
Carneval party
December 2013
X-mas party (Phantasialand)
October 2013Meltem Cavdar receives a RWTH Diversity Fund PhD fellowship
June 2013
RWTH fellow 2013 (photo: Thilo Vogel)
Summer 2013
Team photo
February 2013
Carneval party 2013
December 2012
X-mas party
June 15th 2012
"Night of the professors" - Being DJ in the "Apollo"
May 2012
Lab retreat Wildenhof
March 23rd 2012
March 8th 2012
Lab opening party
Autumn 2011

Introduction in RWTH Insight 3/2011 (photo: Peter Winandy)
October 14th 2011
May 30th 2011
Appointment as professor at RWTH Aachen University

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