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Unit of Plant Molecular Cell Biology

Head of Unit
Prof. Dr. Ralph Panstruga
Institute for Biology I
Unit of Plant Molecular Cell Biology
Worringerweg 1
52056 Aachen
Tel. +49 (0)241 80 26655
Fax +49 (0)241 80 22637
e-mail: panstruga@bio1.rwth-aachen.de

Building (5)42A, room 211 (map) (directions)

Office hours (student issues):
Thursdays 14:00 h-15:00 h

Office hours secretariat (Ms. Christiane Welsch):
Mondays-Fridays 9:00 h-12:00 h
Tel. + 49 (0)241 80 26633


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Latest publications:

Thordal-Christensen H., Birch P. R. J., Spanu P. D.,
Panstruga R. 
Why did filamentous plant pathogens evolve the potential to
secrete hundreds of effectors to enable disease?
Molecular Plant Pathology (in press).

Wu H., Kwaaitaal M., Strugala R., Schaffrath U.,
Bednarek P. and Panstruga, R.
Chemical suppressors of mlo-mediated powdery mildew
Bioscience Reports (in press).

Kuhn H., Lorek J., Kwaaitaal M., Consonni C.,
Becker K., Micali C., Ver Loren van Themaat E.,
Bednarek P., Raymaakers T. M., Appiano M., Bai Y.,
Meldau D., Baum S., Conrath C., Feussner I. and
Panstruga, R.
Key components of different plant defense pathways are
 dispensable for powdery mildew resistance of the
Arabidopsis mlo2 mlo6 mlo12 triple mutant.
Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 1006 (2017).

Acevedo-Garcia J., Spencer D., Thieron H., Reinstädler
A., Hammond-Kosack K., Phillips A. L. and
Panstruga R.
mlo-based powdery mildew resistance in hexaploid
bread wheat generated by a non-transgenic TILLING
Plant Biotechnology Journal 15: 367-378 (2017).

Kusch S. and Panstruga R. 
mlo-based resistance: An apparently universal "weapon"
to defeat powdery mildew disease.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 30: 179-189 (2017).

Spanu P.D. and
Panstruga, R.
Editorial:  Biotrophic plant-microbe interactions.
Frontiers in Plant Science
8: 192 (2017).

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