How to find us

RWTH Aachen
Institute for Biology I
Worringer Weg 1
52056 Aachen

Coming by car

Coming from Antwerpen (NL) or "Kreuz Aachen" (Lüttich, Düsseldorf or Köln) you leave the "Autobahn A4" via exit "Aachen-Laurensberg" and follow a highway-like 4-lane road to Aachen. This road splits up after approx. 1 km. Take the right junction to "Klinikum, Vaals or RWTH-Melaten". You will pass by the exit "Seffent/Gewerbegebiet" followed by a short tunnel and the exit "RWTH-Hörn". The third exit after approx. 2 km is "Klinikum/RWTH Melaten". Take this exit and make sure to turn right at the first opportunity, which is a one-way road just behind the exit. Park you car on one of the large parking lots to the left.

Walk towards the the greyish-red 3-storey buildings. Just behind the bicycle parking in the underpass you will find the main entrance to the "Sammelbau Biologie" to your left. Enter the building and turn left until you reach the octagonal staircase "Tower 42". The "Institut for Molecular Biotechnology" is located on the second floor in the "D" corridor.

Coming by train

Get off the train at the main station, "Aachen Hauptbahnhof".

If you wish to take a taxi, the direction for the driver would be "Klinikum", and the street name "Worringerweg 1". Additional helpful keywords are "Sammelbau Biologie" or "Medizintechnisches Zentrum, MTZ".

Alternatively, the bus line No. 3 leaving from just across the street of the main station will take you to the Klinikum.