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i Webtools
Genefisher interactive PCR Primer Design
Primer Calculator Primer calculator
Metabion PCR primer ordering
Ebi European Bioinformatics Institute
Brenda Enzyme Information System
TCoffee Nice ClustalW program for DNA alignment
iHOP information hyperlinked over proteins
TIGR The Institute for Genomic Research
PlantGDB Plant Genome Database
NASC Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Center
Geneinv Arabidopsis transcriptome analysis
TargetP Prediction of subcellular protein localisation
PTS1 PTS1 peroxisomal targeting prediction
Spidey Genomic DNA/cDNA alignment
Codon Codon usage table
Antigenic Antigenic peptides
Ecocyc E. coli genes and metabolism
i Literature
PubMed public access literature database
RefScout regularly searches PubMed for your keywords
Volltexte RWTH Aachen electronic library
Subito pay-per-article pdf service
Highwire library of the sciences and medicine
iHOP information hyperlinked over proteins

i Chromatin

Chromdb plant chromatin database
Chrom Chromatin Structure and Function Page
Promoter Promoter prediction software
Transfac Transcription factor database

i Photosynthesis

ISPR International Society of Photosynthesis Research
Learn Learning about photosynthesis
PML Photosynthetic mutant library

i General Interest

ELS Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
MBW Molecular Biology Webbook
Webmail RWTH Aachen webmail
LEO English-German I
De<->En English-German II
Bahn Bahn Corporate login